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Wesley Campus Ministry is a Christian community for college students at the University of Central Oklahoma. The Wesley is affiliated with the Oklahoma United Methodist Conference and anyone from any walk of life is welcome to come join our family. Our Wesley family has students from many denominations and many places around the world.


Ways to Help support the wesley

  • Gifts

  • Prescence

  • Acts of Service

  • Prayer




Gifts can be both physical objects and financial. If you are thinking about donating supplies for The Wesley, please contact the UCO Wesley Staff for a supply list. If you are thinking of donating financially, there are several ways to become a financial supporter of our campus ministry which are all listed below.

• Become a monthly donor by sending us your pledge either by email or by sending in your name and information with the amount you would like to give monthly to the Wesley.

• Become a supporter by giving a onetime donation. You may send us a check, stop by and talk with us, or donate here on our website by clicking donate.

• All of your donations may be made here on our website by clicking the “Donate” button. Thank you for all of your support and we look forward to becoming partners in ministry with you.

Our current wish list items are:

  • A volleyball net

  • Beds that turn into couches

  • An outdoor worship set up (podem/table)


One of the best ways to give to our ministry is with your presence. Being at the events shows the Student Council that their hard work means something. It helps other students to meet other Methodists that have gotten through this trial and tribulation of college life. It also helps get the word out into the community so that more college students will be involved in our ministry. Ways you can be present in our ministry are:

  • Attend our Alumni Events

  • Attend our Fundraisers

    • Gala and Silent Auction

    • Golf Tournament

  • Follow and share our social media

    • Facebook: /ucowesley

    • Instagram: @ucowesleynow


Acts of Service

We are always in need of volunteers from Thursday Lunches to Work Days. A helping hand is always appreciated. Here are some ways that individuals and churches have helped volunteer in the past:

  • Serving Thursday Lunch

  • Being a member of our Grandparent Support Team

    • Sit with them at lunch

    • Write cards to students

    • Bake cookies with them

    • Crochet with them

    • Create care packages for them

  • Helping out at our Wesley Work Day

  • Provide a lunch for Thursday


Our students are always in need of prayer. You are always welcome to pray over our ministry wherever you are. If you are ever interested to come to our faciliaty to pray over students or our ministry, please contact the UCO Wesley Staff to set up a date and time for that.